How To Choose A Competition Bikini To Suit Your Body Shape

If you've spent many hours working-out in the gym preparing for a competition, you'll want to wear a bikini that really highlights all your hard work.  There are plenty of online retailers offering competition bikinis for sale, such as Fuchsia By Alex, but how do you choose something that really suits your body shape?  Read on for some helpful tips. What is your body shape and what competition bikini style would suit you best? [Read More]

Dressing as a trans-man, or in a non gender-conforming masculine style

For people whose gender at birth doesn't align with the gender they feel themselves to be, clothing can be a major ingredient in how they see themselves in the mirror. If you are looking to disguise some of the more feminine characteristics of you body the temptation can be to wear baggy clothing but in fact this often clings and drapes to curves. A structured and tailored suit can be a great way to show the body that you want to project to the world. [Read More]