How To Choose A Competition Bikini To Suit Your Body Shape

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If you’ve spent many hours working-out in the gym preparing for a competition, you’ll want to wear a bikini that really highlights all your hard work.  There are plenty of online retailers offering competition bikinis for sale, such as Fuchsia By Alex, but how do you choose something that really suits your body shape?  Read on for some helpful tips. What is your body shape and what competition bikini style would suit you best? There are six main categories of body shape: curvy pear-shaped big-busted modest-busted athletic apple-shaped By identifying your body shape, you can choose a bikini style that emphasises your best assets and plays down the less than perfect bits.  Curvy If you’re curvy, you’ll enjoy a voluptuous build with a full bust, bum, thighs and hips. You can keep the attention on your neckline and waist and away from your excesses by choosing halter-style tops and high-waisted bottoms in matching colours and plain fabric designs.    Large-busted If you are blessed with a generous bust, choose bikini tops with wider straps for comfort and moulded, underwired cups to give you the best shape.  Simple, plain colours can help to balance out your top and bottom, whilst fringing on the bottoms draws the eye away from your upper assets.    Modest-busted If you have a small bust, you can create an illusion of extra size by choosing underwired, plunge cut tops.  Triangle shaped, string tops work really well, especially when enhanced by ruffling and padding.  For additional eye-catching appeal, choose a competition bikini embellished with crystals.    Pear-shaped Pear-shaped ladies have a small bust and curvy hips.  To create a more balanced picture try choosing a brightly coloured or metallic top adorned with plenty of decoration and playing down the bottoms with a dark coloured, plain fabric.    Athletic If you’re blessed with an athletic build, you will have less in the way of curves and a less obvious waist.  The trick of making the most of this body type is to draw attention to both your top and bottom.  You can achieve this by choosing a competition bikini in a bright or metallic fabric and with plenty of eye-catching decoration to both parts.  Triangle bikinis work especially well with this body type.    Apple-shaped Apple-shaped body types tend not to have much in the way of a waist, and enjoy more of a straight up and down figure. You can give the illusion of a more balanced physique by choosing a bikini with high-waisted bottom and a top with moulded cups and broad straps.  Go for something with lots of embellishment to draw attention to your top and bottom, rather than your middle. In conclusion There are many different styles of competition bikinis available to choose from.  To make the most of what you’ve worked so hard to sculpt, use the tips given above to identify your body type and choose a competition bikini that shows your assets off to best...

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Dressing as a trans-man, or in a non gender-conforming masculine style

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For people whose gender at birth doesn’t align with the gender they feel themselves to be, clothing can be a major ingredient in how they see themselves in the mirror. If you are looking to disguise some of the more feminine characteristics of you body the temptation can be to wear baggy clothing but in fact this often clings and drapes to curves. A structured and tailored suit can be a great way to show the body that you want to project to the world. Here are some tips on making a suit accentuate the male characteristics of a body. A tight jacket Initially, many non-gender conforming folks head to a larger, boxier style of jacket. Contrary to popular belief, however, a tighter jacket is often a better way to disguise a bust, and can be added to a tight vest and appropriate undergarments to form a binding effect on a bust. A higher neckline vest also helps to give a more masculine style to the suit. In the opposite direction, a set of darts down the side of a jacket can act to emphasise a bust for those who are happy to show their curves while otherwise dressing in a masculine style. Better back flaps The back flaps on a jacket can also emphasise or detract from a rounded derriere. A double-vented back flap will tend to flatten the impression of the backside, while a single vented jacket tends to emphasise a more prominent back-end. Pant lines Again the pleats at the front of the pair of pants will tend to emphasise any curves, while a flatter front will give a more masculine effect. A masculine suit usually has a relatively flat line on the outside of the pants leg in order to disguise the line of the leg where a feminine suit tends to cling more to the leg line and taper at the ankle. Underwear It’s important to note when taking measurements for your suit, that you should wear any of the underwear that you plan to wear with the suit, particularly if you are using some binding underwear or shape wear. If you are looking to dress in a non gender-conforming, masculine way, a tailored suit can be a great way to project a professional and polished persona. Ordering custom made suits online can be a great way to start your journey, especially if you live in an area with few local shops that are open and welcoming to trans and non gender-conforming...

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